Eye and Vision Exams


Eye care begins with regular, routine examinations and is essential for continuing eye health and good vision. A visit to the optometrist at H.C. Deuchler includes a thorough, noninvasive, evaluation of vision, ocular motility, refractive state, and overall eye health. Dr. Carla Domingues utilizes the most advanced eye care technology designed to make testing your eyes easier and more efficient, providing the highest quality exam possible.

Eye exams are a critical part of health maintenance for people of all ages. Children benefit from vision screenings as early as 6 -12 months of age—with regular eye exams scheduled starting at three years old. The American Optometric Association recommends an annual eye exam for adults who wear contacts or eyeglasses, and an eye exam every two years, up to age 40, for adults who typically don’t need vision correction. Over 40, it is recommended you be checked yearly due to common age-related problems and diseases that may have an impact on vision and eye health. Because the risk of eye disease continues to rise with advancing age, everyone over the age of 60 should be examined annually.

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